Where is everything Made?
Locally, our furniture is made in Kitchener/Waterloo, and St. Jacobs.

Do you Deliver?
Yes, on all sizes of orders we can bring your order safely to your choice of location for a nominal fee, or you could come to the store yourself for pickup.

Are veneers used?
No not at all. Our furniture is crafted out of the finest pine, oak and maple woods. Veneers are in no way used as a part of Mennonite carpentry.

There is a peice of furniture on the floor I would like in a different finish, is that possible?
Of Course, all the furniture you find in our store can be custom made with a variety of finishes to suit your taste and style. Furthermore we can make modifications in size and detail, as you wish.

I have changed my mind, may i cancel or refund my order?
No, unfortunely all sales are final.